Payment Page Settings for WSP-ECO-S-XX0PwADHNQ

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Security Settings

Transaction and Response Keys can be generated in this section according to the Encryption Type selected.

Note: Generating new keys will break existing page links. Please use caution when using this function.

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HMAC Calculation

  • Encryption Type

    • HMAC-SHA1    HMAC-MD5

  • Note: The default encryption algorithm is HMAC-SHA1. HMAC-MD5 will continue to work for legacy implementations.

Transaction Key

  • Transaction Key


  • Note: The Transaction Key is used in the payment page linking/request.


Response Key

  • Response Key


  • Note: The Response Key is used in sending the payment response back to your website (Relay Response, Silent Post, Redirect)



The reCAPTCHA asks the user to identify an image or text and it is used to verify that a user is a person and not an automated system.

  •  Use reCAPTCHA for all transactions.

reCAPTCHA is always used for 'Pay Now' transactions.

reCAPTCHA was enabled on 11/11/2019.

Enabled by User ID scott_brown473.

Prevent Payment Page from loading in other sites

  •  Prevent iFrames / Clickjacking.

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