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A fundamental business practice here at EcoScribe is the constant search for ways to innovate one of the oldest professions... Court Reporting.  We understand that our client's greatest strength is serving the legal needs of the party they represent.  We also see the visible and constant pressure on law firms, corporations and governmental bodies to control costs and mitigate damages.  As such, our goal is to be consistently ahead of the curve, and always pushing the envelope to deliver unparalleled ways to access the services you need within your budget.

We do not promote any one specific technoloy; instead we focus on guiding you towards the right tool for the job.  Because we offer the best possible technology and solutions available, we can help create an exceptional experience no matter what challenges you may face.

This is something we call the EcoScribe Difference! 

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LegalDisc Vault is our standard CD\DVD deliverable. With it, you can access all your materials in common formats; PDF, ASCII, etc.  While the concept might sound simple, it can be of great relief when you can easily access your content without having to learn a new software application or download viewers first.  

 To see screen shots or view a brief video click HERE.

 LegalMedia Vault is one of the most robust online repositories in the industry.  Unlike many sites that simply provide a means to access and download transcipts or exhibits, LegalMedia Vault represents a collaboration of the leading experts in consumer video digitalization and the industry knowledge and experience of a leader in national court reporting.  You can stream text-synched video, easily create and share video clips with colleagues and experts, post comments and link content to share with other users on your team, and upload your own documents such as pleadings and witnesses lists - to share with co-counsel.  Then use the powerful search tools to pinpoint the exact testimony or other content you've been looking for.  Best of all, full access to LegalMedia Vault for you and your team is complimentary with all of your EcoScribe reporting services.

To see screen shots or view a brief video click HERE.

EcoScribeLIVE is the first real advancement in conducting virtual witness examinations right from your desktop computer.  Using a simple webcam and your internet-connected device you can bring the witness and other parties up on-screen.  With EcoScribeLIVE, you can use private messaging to collaborate during the examination with others on your team, the client, or outside parties, and display electronic exhibits for everyone to see.  The witness can digitally point to - or even markup - onscreen exhibits that all participants will see in real time.  With full video recording capabilities, EcoScribeLIVE can record the examination for later review without the cost of true video.  For those on the go, use your iPad, iPhone, or Android device to conduct or participate in a session.  You can even connect with traditional Video Teleconference equipment. 

Be strategic with your litigation budget, and be home tonight...rather than standing in an airport security line.

For more information or a personal demostration of this or any of our technologies, please contact us at 888.651.0505 or email Info@EcoScribeSolutions.com